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Chelsea/Revere WIC Nutrition Program

Local Resources

Clothing and Baby Gear

Chelsea Community Connections                              617-889-7100

CAPIC                                                                                  617-889-5690

Children's Clothing Exchange                                     617-576-0039

Cradles to Crayons                                                          Talk to your Pediatrician or Social Worker

Children Activities and Playgroups

Family Network (Chelsea/Revere)                              617-887-0076

Chelsea Public Library                                                    617-466-4350

Revere Public Library                                                      781-286-8380 x2

Winthrop Parents Network                                            617-846-5543 x1112

Smart from the Start Program(Charlestown)          617-635-5170

Revere Department of Recreation                               781-286-8190                             

Parenting Support

Parental Stress Hotline                                                 1-800-632-8188

Healthy Families Program

Parents Helping Parents   

Adult Education -ESL

WEE, inc. (Women Encouraging Empowerment)       781-284-4251

Revere Community Schools                                              781-333-2061

Chelsea Community Schools                                            617-466-4070

Employment and Self-Sufficiency Program

The Neighborhood Developers (TND)                            617-884-4333

YMCA Greater Boston                                                         617-542-1800 x128

Career Sources @TND- Chelsea                                      617-884-4333

Career Source (services/locations)                             

Apply for Child Care Help

Child Care Choices of Boston                                           617-542-5437

Register Your Child for a Head Start Program

Capic Head Start (Chelsea/Revere/Winthrop)            617-889-5690

ABCD Head Start (Charlestown)                                      617-241-8866

Register Your Child for Pre-School or Elementary School

Revere Public Schools                                                       781-485-8453

Chelsea Public Schools                                                     617-466-4477

Apply for Winter Energy/Fuel Assistance

Capic Energy Assistance Program                               617-884-6130

LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Program                                1-800-632-8145

Citizens Energy Assistance Program                          617-338-6300

JFK Center (Charlestown)                                              617-241-8866

Good Neighbor Energy Funds                                       1-800-334-3047

Food/Holiday Help

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)                  617-551-1700

Fair Foods at 1st Baptist Church ~Revere                         2nd and 4th Saturday 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

1st Congregational Church Food Pantry~ Revere          781- 284-4158

St. Lukes Food Pantry- Chelsea                                            617-884-4278

Salvation Army- Chelsea                                                        617-884-0260

Fair Foods -Charlestown


Chelsea Housing Authority                                                     617-884-5617

Revere Housing Authority                                                      781-284-4394

Boston Housing Authority                                                      617-988-4000

The Neighborhood Developers                                              617-889-1975

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)                  617-551-1700

Dental Resources

Mass Health Dental Provider Directory                                1-800-207-5019

Mass Health Dental Provider Directory                                1-800-207-5019

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